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What does the platform consist of?

The website once you have signed up for a subscription and logged in, it will become your Online Fitness Studio, available in Italian and English: on the “My profile” page you will find all the details about your Subscription and the courses you are following and those available, which consist of a series of video workouts divided by goal. To date, more than 50 training videos are available, and 2 new ones are uploaded every week (one in Italian, one in English).

Do I need special equipment to follow the workouts?

To make the most of my workouts you should be equipped with a mat, sports clothing, weights of various sizes and anklets.

How do I know my fitness level?

My workouts are suitable for all types of resistance, from that typical of a beginner to a more intensive approach. Within the platform you will find clear categories for workouts, which will help you follow a consistent fitness path.

How can I contact Donna Page if I have any questions about my subscription?

For any problem or request about your subscription, you can contact me on my Instagram profile or by writing an email to

Can I switch from a monthly to a six-monthly or annual subscription?

Of course! The renewal of the Subscription is manual, so you can choose which plan to activate at each expiration.

What are the accepted payment methods?

For monthly, half-yearly, annual subscriptions and Live Sessions a payment method provided by my Bank is used, safe and secure for all international payments with any credit and debit card. Consultations must instead be paid by bank transfer after agreeing the date and time of the appointment.

What happens if I don’t renew my Subscription?

Your profile will remain active, you will be able to access but not view the contents of the Subscription. You can renew at any time from the My Profile page, by clicking on “Renew Subscription” or by following the instructions in the e-mails that will notify you of the expiration.