Choose your path in one of my consultations for good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

You can buy one or more Live Sessions at the Subscriptions Page.

For all other consultancies, once you have decided which one is most suitable for you, send a request email to for the reservation.
Donna Page will contact you as soon as possible to confirm and agreeon a date and time.
The payment for the consultations is foreseen bybank transfer to the coordinates that you will receive by e-mail after the final confirmation of the appointment.

Online Live Session
Live Session @ Club39 Monaco

1 or more 60-minute Live Workout with Donna Page

Buy your Live Training Session with Donna Page now!

The Online Live Session, costing 70€, will take place via Zoom. You can decide to buy more than one and agree on the calendar with Donna.

Live Sessions in attendance, costing 70€, take place every Monday from 9:00 to 10:00, at the Club39 in Monaco (39 Av. Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco).

➜ Possibility of individual or group Live
➜ Training focus based on the needs of the participants
➜ Personalized training calendar agreed with Donna Page

€ 70

New Customer Package

3 sessions + 3 calls of 45 minutes + following e-mails

This proposal is designed for those who want to start a healthy lifestyle and need an extra boost.

➜ You will learn about primary and secondary foods
➜ You will understand what nutrition means for your body
➜ We will discuss portion control
➜ You will find out which ingredients are harmful and should be avoided

Donna Page Method

Half Day Package

Half day – 4 hours

You will have the opportunity to spend half a day with Donna and learn how to shop healthy.
This is a smart schedule for those who are too busy and don’t have enough time to engage in monthly sessions and just want to get the most useful information in one day.

➜ Instruction on how to read the labels
➜ Find out the hidden ingredients which are harmful
➜ Delicious and nutritious lunch together
➜ 30 minute call next week
➜ Visit to the grocery store

Donna Page Method

3 Months Package

This proposal is for those who are really looking for a real change in their lifestyle and are ready for a new and healthy start. I will help you become stronger and more confident, while teaching you the vital tools to carry with you in everyday life.
During our sessions, we will determine which goals you want to achieve and we will formulate a feasible action plan. I will support you by orienting and empowering you.


➜ 6 Sessions – six 60-minute calls, precisely two per month
➜ You will learn about secondary and primary foods
➜ We will discuss portion control
➜ I will instruct you on how to read labels and research harmful ingredients
➜ Pantry and refrigerator makeover
➜ Detailed list of groceries to start with
➜ You will understand what nutrition means for your body
➜ You will learn which ingredients are harmful and should be avoided
➜ Examples of guilt-free snacks
➜ Discussion on progress and recommendations
➜ Email support between sessions

Donna Page Method

7 days Yacht Package

A 60-minute introductory session, followed by two 30-minute sessions

This package offers the opportunity to stay healthy while on vacation and achieve a balanced lifestyle to take with you into everyday life.
I will guide you by providing you with the tools to follow a healthier life by encouraging you to be responsible.
I will help you become stronger and more confident.

➜ Understand what nutrition means to you and your body
➜ Information on primary and secondary foods
➜ Example of a guilt-free snack
➜ Tips for dining out
➜ Detailed food list provided to the Steward (advice available for the entire holiday period via mobile phone)
➜ Instructions on how to read labels and look for harmful ingredients.
➜ Fitness tips
➜ Email support between sessions

Donna Page Method